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What Writing Feels Like

Creating is an action and a feeling.

I used to wonder why I could never finish writing a book. I started more than one, and they rarely made it past the first chapter. I used to berate myself for not being more disciplined. After all, I was an English major with a creative writing specialty, this was supposed to be easy for me. I wish I had cut myself some slack.

The fountain of creativity, at least for me, is time. I was incapable of writing a book earlier in my life because I was holding down a full-time, high-level job and raising a family. I hardly had time to shower, and I thought I should be writing books!

Fortunately, life and circumstance intervened and gifted me time. There were so many people who encouraged me and gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream. Finally, I had the freedom to write. First it was poetry, then stories. I started a novel, and finished it! Now I'm well into a second novel.

I am awed by this creativity, by the way that the words seem to flow from my mind to my fingertips and out into the world. The image of this in my mind was so powerful that I wanted to see it on the page. A wonderful artist on, turned the mental image into an inspirational reality.

This is how I feel when I write. Glorious.

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