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Paperback copy of Five Tries to Get It Right

ISBN: 979-8-9878514-9-4


When her best friend hits rock bottom, a lonely widow convinces her to join a worldwide voyage retracing their wild youth in a last-ditch effort to heal heartache and reclaim meaning.

Lydia is a small town teacher who can't imagine life alone after her husband's death. Kate built a successful career, but now faces emptiness after divorce and professional failure.

The longtime friends travel to the exotic locales of their youth, trying to find meaning amidst heartache and loss. In Spain, Amsterdam, the Caribbean, Australia, and finally Costa Rica, they reignite passions for life and love that time had extinguished. But Kate still plans to end it all, until a surfer from the past offers Lydia another chance, forcing her to choose between saving her friend or herself.

Five Tries to Get It Right

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