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Paperback copy of Portrait of Deception

ISBN: 979-8987851470


A photographer on the brink of fame. A dictator with a dangerous agenda. A terrifying trap that may be impossible to escape.

Margo McAllister is mere hours from her dream. In Italy to compete for a prestigious award, the young photographer turns down a corrupt politician who offers her an insane sum to polish his reputation with a clever portrait. But her plans shatter when she’s slipped a blackout drug, awakens to $40,000 in damages to her hotel room, and is expelled from the contest.

Suddenly a beggar with no options, Margo travels to the despot’s personal estate to earn enough money to cover her debts and get her life back on track. She quickly discovers the remote mountain castle is crawling with secrets and lies, and she fears the oligarch’s increasingly creepy propositions and rough demands leave no way out.

Portrait of Deception is the dark and gritty thriller in the Southwest Suspense Series. If you like tough females, relentless action, and hints of steam, then you’ll love Kathryn Dodson’s twisted adventure.

Portrait of Deception

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