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Paperback copy of Tequila Midnight: A Jessic Watts Southwest Suspense Novel

ISBN: 979-8-9878514-1-8


On the U.S./Mexico border, people disappear…


Jessica Watts has gotten less picky about the booze she’ll drink and the jobs she’ll take. But when she’s asked to find the missing daughter of a shady Mexican business mogul, the quest hits close to home for someone who hasn’t seen her parents in years…

As she delves into the investigation, she unravels a complex web of suspense and secrets, and it’s impossible to tell who to trust: those who want to find the woman or those who want to keep her hidden.

When a clue leads her to Central America, Jessica thinks she’s found the answer, and maybe the missing woman, until a surprising twist takes the search in a new direction and forces her to confront her own haunted past.

Tequila Midnight, an electrifying suspense novel with an R-rated edge, marks the beginning of the thrilling Jessica Watts Southwest Suspense Series.

Tequila Midnight

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  • Paperback

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