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Paperback copy of The Podcast Chronicles

ISBN: 979-8-9878514-4-9


She was a business hotshot back in the day. Decades later, can this near-empty nester return with a vengeance to save her beautiful town?


Durango, Colorado. Sue Cleary worries she’s lost her mojo. Leaving the workforce as a high-powered forensic accountant to raise her four boys, the now fifty-year-old fears all she has to look forward to is boredom. But when she discovers her idyllic community is about to be sullied by a New York developer with big plans for a tasteless tourist trap, she leaps into the fray to defend her picturesque hometown.


Rolling up her sleeves, the feisty woman recruits an environmental attorney and ropes her tech-savvy son into helping her with podcasting. But as she confronts corrupt politicians, a conniving businessman, online trolls, and unexpected betrayals, this could turn out to be the fight of her life.

Can Sue regain her passion and become the champion her peaceful paradise needs?


The Podcast Chronicles is a heartwarming standalone contemporary fiction novel. If you like smart later-in-life heroines, standing up for a cause, and the strength of friendship, then you’ll love Kathryn Dodson’s inspiring read.

The Podcast Chronicles

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