Three women: a Democrat, a Republican, and a fifteen-year-old, struggle with politics, morals, and misunderstanding as they rebuild family ties following the 1996 presidential election. CONTINENTAL RIFT is multiple point of view women’s fiction, complete at 90,000 words that will appeal to fans who enjoy the family dynamics and humor of books by Joshilyn Jackson and Mary Alice Monroe.
When nuclear bombs hit Denver and Pyongyang, and the spirits of the dead find refuge in famous historian Diana Bolton she wants to use her newfound power to bring peace if she can outwit the politicians determined to stop her. Political women’s fiction with speculative elements, FAR FROM TOMORROW is complete at 84,000 words. The novel is about fighting for what is good, in ourselves and in others, in an era focused on power and war. It is a call to action in a world gone awry that will appeal to fans of The Power by Naomi Alderman and Vox by Christina Dalcher.
When a New York developer plans a tacky theme park next to Sue's mountain home, long days of worrying about her kids leaving home and her husband's constant travel disappear. Armed with a podcast and a few friends, she learns to fight for her future, her marriage, and her community. Contemporary women's fiction, THE PODCAST CHRONICLES is complete at 87,000 words.