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Getting Down to Business

I've decided to use this blog to post about what I've accomplished and learned now that I've decided to become a full-time writer (for as long as I can afford to be).

A little less than a year ago, I started writing a novel. It started as an attempt to find a way to help people communicate across the political divide. Since the 2016 election the country has been polarized, and we judge people by whether they voted for or against Trump and Clinton. In my book club, many of the women talked about the trouble they had talking to friends and family after the election. I felt the same way, tiptoeing around conversations to avoid dialogue about politics with the power to ruin relationships. I started a novel about two cousins who tried to reconnect across this political chasm. The draft of that novel is now finished, and I'm about 100 pages into a new novel. Writing has really lit a fire in me, I love it and feel like I am doing something important. So, I've decided to write full time, for as long as I'm able. This blog will be my accountability notebook.

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